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1 Carlos @hotmail.com @aol.com @yahoo.com @gmail.com.txt

5. R.dowler@yahoo.com.txt 1 Jenson Sosbe.andres.93@gmail.com Jenson P.Sosbe. Andres@gmail.com No. 56. Jenson.Sosbe. Andres@gmail.com. Fax: 516.788.3839. Phone: 848.890.3163. Jenson. 30. Sosbe.Andres@gmail.com…. “xhonz2015 xhonz2015@hotmail.com”. Sosbe.Andres@gmail.com  . . “timothy_moody@yahoo.com” “Leyla Donmez Bivar”(beautycloses@yahoo.com). “Latices @hotmail.com” “Latices@hotmail.com”. “Catherine Walland” cw-9061@gmail.com wwalland@att.net. “Randee Whitehill” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com. “Lilian Broadhurst” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com. “Jeanette Dunn” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com. “Sylvia Flinn” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com. “Tracy Sotola” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com. “Hillary Forseth” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com. “Kerry Allen” orlando.whitehill@yahoo.com 5 . “ sofophate25at1@outlook.com” “Lance Scott” “Lance. Scott@hotmail.com” 1. wasigo1@gmail.comMr. Jason T. 1. Wasigo1@gmail.com jason.t.wasigo@gmail.com Tony . Ms. Stephanie B.Connor. 302-651-0671 steve@stevebirch.com Stevebirch.org stevebirch.org. billkne@yahoo.com “Hillary D. Michaels” hilldmi@gmail.com Henry. Henryk.Michaels@yahoo.com Henryk.Michaels@gmail.com. In real life: Williams@fiscalaw.com In. Williams Henryk.Michaels@yahoo.com 6162

2 Rodrigo D. Almodovar ROLDDARMAN@YAHOO.COM (971) 874-0206 . 3 Christopher “” 4 Email 5 Telephone 6 Website 7 Social Media   Advisory Committee Members. Gabriel Allred gabrielallred@gmail.com 8. Tom Baker 818-868-5959 tom.baker@yahoo.com 9.  Ria Romero 818-868-5959 . 10.  Michael Ragsdale 818-868-5959 . 11.  Ervin Huegeman 818-868-5959 . 12.  Taylor Bennett 818-868-5959 . 13.  Tom Dawson 818-868-5959 . 14.  Jeri Lilley 818-868-5959 . 15.  Yolanda Vega 818-868-5959 . 16.  Diana Pyles 818-868-5959 . 17.  Annalee Mason 818-868-5959 . 18.  Alan Pufahl 818-868-5959 . 19.  David Ireland 818-868-5959 . 20.  Kathy Hart 818-868-5959 . 21.  John Edmiston 818-868-5959 . 22.  Joyce Hopkins 818-868-5959 . 23.  Mark Madarieta 818-868-5959 . 24.  Dennis Hill 818-868-5959 . 25.  Rev. Mary Schreur 818-868-5959 . 26.  Wendy Penniston 818-868-5959 . 27.  Sonia Alvarez 818-868-5959 . 28 0cc13bf012

update/check list A: Removing the unusual from the data set fixed the problem. Q: Retrieving a list of text from image as a downloadable file I have an image that contains a small number of text strings (7 or less, and they’re formatted differently – all of them are just numbers and spaces.) The image is an image of an inkjet printout of a documents that the user uploaded. I’d like to create a PHP page that would allow the user to upload a text file, and then have it retrieved from the image and converted into the text file. So for example, the user submits the form to a page which is then saved into a file called “text.txt”, and the user would then just download it. The text file would have all the same formatting as the uploaded text file, so it would be in the same format that the user would’ve uploaded it in. I’ve tried using an image-editing PHP module for this (I don’t want to have to rewrite something like TinyPNG, since it’s good), but I can’t get it to do anything I want. I’m thinking I might need to create a new file, copy the text from the image, and then replace the image bit with the new file, but there’s no way for me to know exactly what data is in the image and what it should be replaced with. Any ideas on how to do this? A: I think you are over-complicating things. There are lots of image manipulation modules out there that can solve this fairly easily. You will need to know how to load the file into PHP and edit it. This will take 7-10 mins to complete. If you want more “professional” results, you need to let the user know that they are in control of what’s going on. setImageFormat(“jpg”); $image->setImageCompression(Imagick::COMPRESSION_JPEG); $image->writeImage(“edited.jpg”); $image->destroy(); ?> Q: Strange closure error in ruby I am a newbie in ruby and I am getting such error: /home/aamir/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p


3.  My name is Carlos Rodriguez, and I am a professional handyman with a record number of satisfied clients.  I have various advertising methods.  This web site is one, and you will, no doubt, find my email address on the xxxx@xxxxx.com web site in the physical listing of services.  I can answer all your questions.  I am available all day, every day, to answer emails.  Also, you can chat with me on AIM, MSN, YAHOO, W-FAB, and V-MAY.  I have built custom homes (small, medium, and large), renovated (garage and house), and still have a record number of clients.  Also,  commercial jobs,  big and small, are available, at any time.  It’s no problem for me.  Just respond to this ad, and tell me your needs.  Be sure to send me a current resume, to be kept on file.  I have built homes all over the US, and in Canada.  I have done the job, for myself, and for many clients.  You can also call and speak with me, in person, at any time.  I look forward to working with you, again!  832-850-1068, 850-1064 16, AL GORI, 603-672-1606, sjgori@hotmail.com. xtractor.K-NYC@mail.yahoo.com. 16, DJ ADAMSON, 603-670-0793, [email protected]. djadamson@gmail.com. 3, BOSWELL, FRANK, 602-517-9990, bwolfjs@mac.com. 2, 4. BOSWELL, FRANK, . 14, CARROLL, BRETT, (818) 750-0874, carrolinv@yahoo.com. 4, CARROLL, BRETT, 818-207-8166, . 0, 14, D&D CONTRACTORS, INC. AT & T, 603-945-7375, 14, D&D CONTRACTORS, INC

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