1. In Finland, new children may attend school after they are 7 years old
Let’s see, today’s parents must be already exhausted when they think about their children’s education. The child is not even 3 years old and is already queuing up to get a good pre-school because he is afraid that if the school is not good from the start, it will be difficult later to get a good SD, SMP or SMA. In Finland, there are no such concerns. Even according to the law, children can only start standing when they are 7 years old.

A more painstaking start when compared to other countries actually comes from a deep consideration of the mental readiness of children to learn. They also believe in the virtue of playing in learning, imagining, and finding their own answers. Children at an early age are encouraged to play more and socialize https://www.pandorasale-uk.com/ with their peers. Even the mandate assessment was not given to those in 4th grade. Even up to the high school stage, interactive games still dominate the learning method.

Finnish students are used to finding the most effective way of learning for themselves, so they don’t have to feel forced to study later. Therefore, even though it started late, 15-year-old students in Finland actually managed to outperform other students from around the world in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) international tests. That proves the benefits and effectiveness of the education system in Finland. Very good right?

2. How to Study in Finland: 45 Minutes Study, 15 Minutes Rest

Did you know that for every 45 minutes students in Finland study, they are entitled to a 15 minute break? Finnish people believe that the best ability of students to absorb new knowledge that is taught will actually come, if they have the opportunity to rest their brains and build new focus. They also become more productive during study hours because they understand that soon they will be able to return to playing anyway.

In addition to increasing the ability to focus above, having longer hours of rest at school actually has health benefits. They become more active in moving and playing, not just sitting in class. It’s also good if you don’t get used to children from small to sit too much.

3. All Public Schools in Finland are Free of Fees. Private Schools Are Strictly Regulated To Remain Affordable

One more factor that keeps parents in Finland from worrying about choosing a good school for their child, because all schools in Finland are equally good. More importantly, it’s just as free. The education system in Finland is built on equality. Not subsidizing those in need, but providing free and quality education for all.

The educational reforms that began in the 1970s designed a belief system that eliminated school evaluations or rankings so that schools did not need to feel competitive. Private schools are also regulated by strict regulations not to charge high fees to students. The state schools are so good there, there are only a handful of private schools which usually also exist because of religion.

Tidak berhenti dengan biaya pendidikan gratis, pemerintah Finlandia juga menyediakan fasilitas pendukung proses pembelajaran seperti makan siang, biaya kesehatan, dan angkutan sekolah secara cuma-cuma. Memang sih sistem seperti ini mungkin berjalan karena kemapanan perekonomian Finlandia. Tapi jika memahami sentralnya peran pendidikan dalam membentuk masa depan bangsa, seharusnya semua negara juga berinvestasi besar untuk pendidikan. Asal gak akhirnya dikorupsi aja sih. 
4. Semua Guru Dibiayai Pemerintah Untuk Meraih Gelar Master. Gaji Mereka Juga Termasuk Dalam Jajaran Pendapatan Paling Tinggi di Finlandia 

In addition to the equality of facilities and financial support pouring in from the government, the main support for the uniform quality found in all schools in Finland is the sky-high quality of the teachers. Teaching is one of the most prestigious jobs in Finland. The income of teachers in Finland is more than 2 times that of teachers in the United States. Regardless of elementary or high school level, all teachers in Finland are required to hold a master’s degree which is fully subsidized by the government and have a published thesis.

Finland understands that teachers are the most influential people in improving the quality of education for its future generations. Therefore, Finland invests heavily to improve the quality of its teaching staff. Not only quality, the Finnish government also ensures that there are enough teachers for optimal intensive learning. There is 1 teacher for 12 students in Finland, a much higher ratio than in other countries. So the teacher can give special attention to each child, not just standing in front of the class.

If Indonesia wants to be as advanced as Finland in matters of education, our teachers should also receive this kind of support. If we pay less attention to teachers, why do we demand that they give their best in the learning process? Isn’t it fair?

5. Teachers are considered to know best how to evaluate their students. Therefore, the National Examination is not necessary

The credibility and high quality of the teaching staff allows the government to hand over the responsibility for forming the curriculum and evaluation of learning directly to them. There are only loose national guidelines to follow. There is no need for a National Examination. The government believes that teachers are the ones who best understand the curriculum and the best way of assessment that suits their students best.

The diversity of students, such as the diversity of social levels or cultural backgrounds, is usually a challenge in itself in harmonizing the quality of education. It could be that because of the flexibility in the Finnish education system, all diversity can actually be facilitated. So in their own way, these different students can develop their potential to the fullest.

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