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The ability to view and edit drawings on a laptop or small tablet PC from almost any location and at any time has dramatically changed the way design is conducted in the 21st century. Today, design is moving to the edge of the team as it becomes more mobile, collaborative and flexible. Computing Technology Using AutoCAD to draw a building plan, for example, is just the first step. Now the designer can take it to the next level by creating a three-dimensional (3D) model, assigning roof and wall materials, and creating a price tag. With 3D modeling software, or a combination of software, such as 3ds Max and Creo, AutoCAD can be used to create complex 3D models of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Then, you can add text, lighting, shadows, and other features to your 3D model, and create a photo-realistic visualization of the design by rendering the 3D model with AutoCAD’s powerful 3D visual features. AutoCAD’s 3D Features Powerful features in AutoCAD extend the functionality and capabilities of its 2D features to create advanced 3D models. These features include: 3D modeling. Revision features such as synchronized history. 3D architectural design. 2D architectural design. 3D printing. Integration with other Autodesk® software. How AutoCAD is different from SketchUp When you are designing a building or a model in AutoCAD, your brain’s spatial awareness is tested throughout the process. AutoCAD tries to visualize the concept of your drawing. The program even attempts to anticipate your next move. This way, it can add the features to your drawings in the most efficient way possible. When you are using SketchUp software, the tool prompts your to complete certain steps. The design experience is more rigid because SketchUp does not offer certain abilities for 3D design as an option. For example, SketchUp requires you to connect the faces of adjacent walls first before you can combine them into a whole unit. When you are finished, your wall, for example, will consist of two wall faces. As you can imagine, this approach is time consuming. AutoCAD is much more efficient because it fills in your design challenges. The experience is more intuitive and less cumbersome.

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Open the program and start a new project. Select the ribbon shown in the following image. Move the unit to the bottom of the page. Right-click in the upper right corner and click on Export to FBX. Change the file type from DXF to FBX. Select the Scale. If you are working with objects imported from a solid model, you can simply place the solid model on the page. If you are working with objects imported from a surface model, you will have to place the surface model on the page. Click on the… button and add your FBX file. Setting up an assembly view This section will discuss how to configure the view settings for an assembly. The following steps outline the process to setup the assembly view settings. 1. Select Manage Data. 2. Select the Build Site option. 3. Select the assembly you wish to view and expand it. 4. Right-click the assembly name and select View. 5. Select Window > Assembly View > Clone View. 6. Set the window alignment, size, and scale. You can also double click on the View Window panel. A window with the same size and view settings will appear. The window can be moved and resized. The clone view window is visible in the default position. To change its position, you can do the following: 1. Select View > View Window > Anchor. 2. You can also press the Ctrl and click on the window. If you want to move the view window but keep its size and scale, you can press the Alt key and drag the window. If you want to resize the view window but keep its position and scale, you can press the Ctrl key and drag the window. If you want to resize the view window to the default window size and scale, you can press the Ctrl key and drag the window. If you want to change the scale of the view window to 1:1, you can press the Ctrl key and drag the window. The following screenshots outline the process to set view settings for an assembly: For a new assembly view, you can follow these steps: 1. Select View > View Window > Clone View. 2. Set the window size, scale, and position. 3. To set up an assembly view from a model, follow these steps. 4. Select Build Site

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Manage your designs, stay organized, and view multiple CAD layers in one drawing. Create drawings with sets of SmartDimension and SmartLayer nodes to better visualize, track, and organize your designs. Organize your designs automatically and easily by using the Organize feature. (video: 2:19 min.) Improve the design process and maximize your time. Add key annotations to objects in your drawings to quickly mark and track a specific object and apply feedback and changes in one place. The “Markup Import” tool in AutoCAD 2023 is a helpful way to import feedback into a drawing for creating annotations. With the “Markup Assist” feature, users can integrate PDF or printed paper feedback directly into a drawing. They can import a paper-based drawing, then add annotations automatically to individual elements. They can import a PDF file, then add annotations to individual elements. It helps make updates easy, and they can get feedback from their peers as they create. Changes with the “Markup Assist” tool are automatically recorded as new annotations. And the “Markup Assist” feature can automatically insert lines for annotations. Automatically save and import annotations and the current drawing’s changes when you exit AutoCAD 2023. Downloadable resources: AutoCAD 2023 help with the “Markup Import” tool, “Markup Assist” tool, Organize, and more. Organize: Organize is a smart organizational tool that will help you maintain order in your drawing while still adding value to your designs. You can organize both 2D and 3D elements into groups, and you can use these groups to interactively create a library of the elements that you often use. You can create a Library, where you can find groups by category, application, or even company. These groups can be saved and recalled by simply selecting them in the Organize window. You can then organize a drawing by creating groups and adding objects to the groups. Groups and individual objects can be ordered by Layer, Size, Title, and Description. If the group contains both simple and complex elements, the simpler elements may be suppressed, shown with a simple outline, or be put in a separate drawing. You can also edit the elements in a group, such as by changing their visibility and color. “Organize” also includes a feature to align drawing elements, especially text

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RAM: 512 MB RAM Free HDD Space: 500 MB 800 MHz or faster CPU Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 A DVD ROM drive is recommended Installation CDs: WindowsXP_i386.iso WindowsXP_amd64.iso Linux 2.6.32 or higher DOWNLOAD If you are using Windows 8, you need to run the installer in compatibility mode. You can do so by pressing the Win key + R (type in cmd.exe and

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