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Resilient copyrighted content is a constant source of frustration for torrent users, and a seemingly never-ending saga in the file-sharing industry. But we have good news for you. In the era of the internet, finding people to share files with is no longer the problem you may think it is. You can share your files privately with good folks with the knowledge and respect you deserve. Our site has an extensive database of sharers to get your files to, and the best thing is that our site is 100% free. We have a database of over 26,000 uploaders and downloaders who share their files in exchange for a few bucks! We offer a wide selection of content, all users must pay us a fee to find files we offer. It is important to note that if they offer you too much money, they are spamming you and they are not legit. So, do not fall for these fake offers. If they are legit, you will see a small icon on the list saying so. And if they are too expensive or you want to find quick files, then you are better off looking for slower uploaders or people offering free files. We offer no subscription service as it is not necessary. If you find a problem, please contact us. Should you wish to do so, our site is 100% free and works on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Unbelievable that this site is down. Its my favorite site to download cracked PC games and apps. I wont go into detail of why this site is the best, but I will give you my opinion, in short, this site is the way to go. I highly recommend using this site if youre looking for hacked games.

There are many fake sites online, but this one is the best. They have genuine cracked games and one time they even had jav/c++ programs for free. Its a good site though, you just need to be careful. If you dont understand the operating system or games, dont use this site. Its also the only site on our list which isnt blocked on most filters. is quite good for a start, but is also not completely free. You need to pay for some games, otherwise you wont be able to download any of them.


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