Best Site for download Desktop.Tech [Latest 2022] is an organization that is devoted to spreading the free software movement. Its mission is to make all software available to users for free, just like the free music or books are. provides the best freeware downloads that include PC games, music, applications, pictures, and videos, etc. You can find freeware and you can download and install the latest freeware applications.

Hello, Thanks for the quick feedback, and I guess some of the applications in this list that you were interested in will be of help. I have read your post on the best cracked apps,and you mentioned some websites that has cracked apps. I have also read the comment from dude in UK, so you have read the article.
Im facing the same problem. I want to download applications for free, that can be used for both windows and Mac. So that I do not have to spend money for Windows and Mac licenses.

A lot of forums out there are downloading cracked apps, but most of them are fake because they offer you fake apps, cause I have seen many threads about it, In one forum that says “you don’t even need to download the files” but you still get a fake version of your software. This is the only website I have ever seen that gives you the real versions of software that has been cracked. 3dsponge has been on the top of Google since 2012, and I don’t understand why. You can download cracked pc software on a Mac too if you did not know.3dsponge only provides you with a Mac version of cracked software and nothing else.

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