Best Site for download MultiMon Taskbar

This site has a pretty good reputation for being among the best ebook torrent sites, primarily because you can also find ebooks on here which you can download for free. It’s a site where you can find a wide variety of torrents including Kindle, epub, kindle, and many more.

The site offers thousands of items ranging from newspapers, magazines, latest books and newspapers. For e-book lovers, this torrent site is the ultimate platform to download e-books without having to get it from a torrent site.

The site has categories for books, movies and TV, music, electronic products, and software. They take a step further by offering pre-loaded clients that allow you to start downloading directly from their site. With over 7 million books, 15 million titles, and over 4 million movies and TV episodes, the site is surely one of the largest resource of torrent files with over 200 million files available.

Likes Torrent are the one-stop shop for all your most loved torrents in the form of torrents, RSS Feeds, Torrent lists, Torrent Search, Torrent Search API and Much More. Its a huge site which keeps your data safe by encrypting it using your chosen piece of software and then serves it to you at lightning speeds. Their motive is to make the most sought after content accessible to its members and the world. Get ready to experience the best torrent experience of your life!

Designed as torrent community, This is the site that was named “Best Site For BitTorrent” in 2006 by BitTorrent, this is probably one of the most popular torrent sites in the world. The site has nearly 500000 torrents in just one of its pages.


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