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Hi there, what a week we had at the end of November. December seemed to fly by and right now it is the last week of the month, which reminds me of the almost finished nature of that period. For this reason, I wanted to sit down and write about some of my favorite free video converter software. You may know video files nowadays and if it is a high definition format, chances are its a huge file that is not very easy to convert. Because of that, i thought I should focus on creating a really small software for you to convert your video files to any format you desire.

The word, piracy, is defined as the illegal copying of software. So, the users who are in possession of pirated software are breaking the law which is the same law that makes you have the right to buy software. To be clear, here is what you should know: those who are stealing software with a cracked version are not stealing it off a legitimate place. Thus, they are technically stealing the software, but that is going to be up to what the laws are in your country. So the best thing to do is find out how to do it in the law of your country because it really matters. For the purposed of today, I am assuming you live in America. But if you are not, then I can’t judge you right now. This is a technical discussion and I am trying to stay away from the political stuff. Yet, I do feel it is important to remind you that there are two main reasons software can be pirated. Firstly, the software has not been purchased, or secondly, it is being distributed without the permission of the original software owner.

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