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This is good news for PC buyers. They no longer need to fret about figuring out which key to use, because more and more companies are making their software compatible with the older, Pro versions of Windows. It’s the best way to upgrade an older PC and get all that extra functionality.

Hey everybody! This is my first post on this blog and I want to make a short review of one of the most popular download sites: NewGamesBox. In this post I would like to introduce you to NewGamesBox — a reliable, safe site which allows you to download cracked games.

So, with a pretty website and friendly staff, looks like a good place to download games. However, the store is not that large, and games available on it are not available in full version.

At first, this website is pretty simple, but the content is excellent. We do not like it when other sites offer free download only with a lot of ads. It would be much better if this site only offers free downloads. Here is a sample screenshot:

From the site’s look and functionality, we could say that New Games Box is a good site to download cracked games. It’s simple to navigate through its pages. You can find almost all games and they all are available for free.

But as said before, we do not recommend this website because of the fact that it only provides free games. After a while, you should find the same games that you can download from other sources for free (like from websites with ads). It is better if you search the internet for games that you need in full version and then try their websites and forums.

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