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If you already have a good site on which you can download software legally, please leave it in the comments! We would appreciate it. The next is a list of top game and mobile torrents sites for pc and android. If a site still doesn’t work after removing all of the ads, you can probably disregard it.

No matter what. CustomIt is an online software installer that allows you to quickly and easily download, install and update software or drivers with a single mouse click. It allows you to download full versions of any software, games, softwares, apps and drivers from different category like games, apps, programs and software.

The final giveaway is a list of the best downloadable games on PC. There’s not much info here, just the first few apps that I thought were worth mentioning. That list is updated weekly, so check back often if you are looking to find the best game to download. For those who really care and wont’ miss it, these are the best downloaders for cracked games. You’ll need to know the Steam or Desura download folder and they also have to be named after the game so don’t be fooled by the files named “x.exe” or similar as they’re often a third-party crack.

It doesn’t really matter. There are so many cracked or illegal copies out there that most of them are equally good. The best way to decide is to see what works best with your OS and hardware, and then carefully look up the best game to download results. If you’re not sure what you want, I’d recommend browsing the list of best cracked games to download below. contains a collection of cracked games for various platforms. The collection of cracked games contains win, mac, nintendo and linux gaming titles that include demos. They also contain cracked versions of games that are listed in other cracked or cracked gaming links. Download any cracked game for free no torrents, private or shared links or cracks.

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