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Here you can download any software you want, from this large download site, for any operating system. These sites are the most used from the Internet, and they contain all kinds of software, from games, to entertainment and more. However, it’s also important to note that these sites are not peer-to-peer networks. Therefore, they are not illegal, but it is very important to keep in mind that you must remember that you are downloading copyrighted material, and that you are here illegally if you are downloading copyrighted content from these sites.

With FreeSoftware, you will not be able to find any hidden catches and add-ons. Moreover, you will not be able to find spyware or other type of adware or malware on its site. Here you will only find free, legal applications and games which can be installed on your computer without any problem. You will find the latest and compatible versions of the software you’re looking for, and all of them are in a form of downloader/unpacker which allows you to install the software you’re looking for.

Wowtomato contains a massive collection of free software, and it can be a great place to get your favorite games and programs. You’ll find the best of the best in terms of gameplay and entertainment, and they do not take it lightly when it comes to attracting new users. It’s just like a little garden, waiting for you to choose the type of seeds that you’re looking for. With Wowtomato, you can find almost any type of software that you want, and you will never be disappointed.

Kiwi-CDs is a site of various free software, games and application, and it also offers you a special game collection, which contains all the best games that you need. You can find most popular games that are available on the market, but it’s also possible to find some of the latest games that are currently being added to their collection. This is because they are in contact with gaming programmers, and therefore, they are not only able to find the latest games but they are also able to get special access to them. And because they are in touch with gaming programmers, they are able to include some of the newest games on their site.


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