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ok, so i am sorry for this very stupid question but my english is not the best and i don’t see any translation where i can find this to understand what this sentence is for. Is there any way to understand this sentence? i know that the second half of this sentence means that he got divorced and that the first word in the second part of this sentence means “when”. and i know that the first phrase means that he was a member of the students’ union and i know that the third part of this sentence means “and that” or “but what about the…”. but can i get an explanation on what the first part means (what is the first part) and if the first part of the second phrase means that he was a member of the students’ union at the same time that he was a member of the students’ union or at the same time he was the student’s union? thanks in advance A: I would translate it as Suzu je nevĕrnĕnčadný student [pol. socialist; výslovně mějno] (Sometimes this is also translated as a student of the worst kind. This is not a good translation for the nature of the person in question.) The translation I gave is a matter of opinion. Another possibility is that the person in question belonged to the student union at the time, and a certain activity prevented him from succeeding in being accepted, but the end result is the same. Keeping my face in the game Refugee crisis in Greece at a standstill By: MIKKI MYUNG-YONG, This week, the Greek government threatened to revoke the rights of all refugees and asylum seekers who remained in the country after the end of their permitted three-month stay. As Greek authorities have detained more than 8,000 of these non-nationals, many of them, have fled the country, and yet Turkey and some European countries have refused to accept some of them. The disturbing and prolonged situation concerning the refugees in Greece has turned into a test case for the European 6d1f23a050

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