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CoolLotto software represents is a simple but effective gaming tool. It allows to analyze intended lotto numbers, and see how likely they are to be drawn. The program uses two statistical coefficients developed for this purpose (called: the Punch and the Spread). The coefficients inform the player about the hidden regularities within the selected numbers. Both Punch and Spread increase in value if the selected numbers are more likely to be the winners. Use this freeware software for your happy lucky number guesses and win without stressful hesitation!







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– The most affordable lottery lottery software. – Automatically generates lotto numbers. – Analyzes your numbers. – Calculates how likely they are to be drawn. – Prints a lotto hit-or-miss chart. – Shows the winning numbers on the numbers grid. – Shows the program’s settings. CoolLotto Screenshots: The program includes a lot of useful functions: • Automatically selects your lotto numbers and analyses them (The user can get a probability of a chance for each number!) • Shows a lotto chart. • Prints a lotto hit-or-miss chart. • The program shows the numbers that weren’t picked (they are marked in red). • Shows all the program’s settings. • Has an excellent interface. • Can analyze very large number sets. • Extensive help file. • Easy to use. Why You Need CoolLotto to Win Lotto?: A simple, easy to use, yet powerful lottery software. It analyzes numbers and helps to win lotto! There are many lottery software programs available on the internet, but very few of them are worth paying for. Especially for a download application. If you look in Google (search, “lottery software”) – you will find hundreds of pages that describe how to use the free lottery software programs. Unfortunately, most of these descriptions are inaccurate, incomplete, and don’t really show how to use it. CoolLotto is one of the rare programs that is accessible and easy to use. The program is inexpensive and it is more useful than a number of current programs. When you use this software you will be better prepared to win the lottery than 99% of other lottery players. This software is so easy to use that any new lotto player will be able to use it. And this is the advantage of this program. How to Use CoolLotto? Open CoolLotto program from the internet. Find your lottery and buy your numbers. Click “Start” and wait for the program to calculate and analyze your numbers. After the numbers analysis, click “Analyze” and see the charts of the numbers’ probabilities and the charts of the numbers that were not picked. If you wish you can print these charts. Turn on the program’s settings and click the “Settings

System Requirements For CoolLotto:

Windows OS: Windows 10 or Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor 2.5 GHz or more RAM: 8 GB or more Disk Space: 100 GB or more Initiator: Windows OS Screenshots:

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