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A program that will organize, sort, and file data, a program designed to allow the user to easily perform their own analyses using the Paraben Suite of programs. Forensic Sorter and Case Agent Companion are a great tool for saving you time and money in your case assessment. WARNING: This tool will identify as owned by Paraben Use of Paraben product is governed by Paraben’s software license agreement. PARABEN CONSULTING and the use of the Paraben label is the sole property of Paraben All other trademarks, registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective owners. ================== USAGE NOTICE: ================== Paraben, Inc. is using preloaded software on the Paraben Server for testing purposes. This software is used on a limited-access basis and only to test your own legal analysis using the Paraben analysis programs. This tool is a great way to search and recover data in your case. The software is exclusively for the evaluation of the Paraben programs and is not a substitute for the Paraben programs or their documentation. The primary purpose of the software is to assist in the analysis of data in your case. It is not a file recovery tool and does not recover data that has been deleted and is unrecoverable from a normal backup or other recovery option. Here are some key features of “Forensic Sorter”: Sorts data based on structure which helps you find information you may have otherwise lost Filters out common file types in search results Recovers deleted files using Paraben’s Decryption Collection Recovers slack and unallocated space Identifies encrypted files Identifies encrypted archives Identifies and recovers individual files from unallocated space Identifies and recovers deleted files Identifies and recovers slack and unallocated space Identifies and recovers files that were unlinked Recovers FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS-RAW partitioned files Recovers FAT and FAT32 partitions Recovers NTFS partitions Recovers files from Windows recycle bin and other areas of drive with errors Recovers slack partitions Sorts recoverable deleted files Sorts remaining items on drive Identifies and recovers unpartitioned space Identifies and recovers files

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■ Forensic Sorter v2 is a completely new independent stand-alone application which is designed to manage your data. ■ It is able to read data from any file type. ■ Forensic Sorter is a fast and easy way to filter and sort data. ■ Forensic Sorter provides over 14 different sorting categories which can be selected by clicking on the categories titles. ■ Forensic Sorter provides advanced support for EXE, HTML, and plain text files. ■ Forensic Sorter will recover deleted files from any location. ■ Forensic Sorter recovers slack space, unwanted data, and unallocated space. ■ Forensic Sorter will sort out unwanted and common data so that you can look for exactly what you are looking for. ■ Forensic Sorter is able to filter data out based on their data location and header information. ■ Forensic Sorter allows you to filter out unwanted or unwanted data using its three known filtering methods. ■ Forensic Sorter allows you to utilize its Unused space detection. ■ Forensic Sorter will sort out data into several different categories. ■ Forensic Sorter allows you to read important and unimportant data, both. ■ Forensic Sorter’s custom header support allows you to sort your data using any custom headers. ■ Forensic Sorter allows you to extract text from any file. ■ Forensic Sorter can be used as part of Paraben’s P2 Examination Technology. ■ Forensic Sorter allows you to search your own or any other computer file by using the built-in file explorer. ■ Forensic Sorter supports the use of your own classifications and headers. ■ Forensic Sorter includes a free 60 day subscription which will allow you to use the product for three extractions before you decide if you want to purchase an upgraded subscription. ■ Forensic Sorter is a stand-alone product which allows you to analyze multiple files without the need for any additional installation. ■ Forensic Sorter allows you to specify which header and category to use to sort or view your data. ■ Forensic Sorter supports Unicode, the ability to open support for Unicode, and Unicode characters and symbols for any file. ■ Forensic Sorter will support your FAT/NTFS partitions, removable drives, and even removeable USB drives. b7e8fdf5c8

Forensic Sorter Crack+

Forensic Sorter is a program which will manage your data effectively and efficiently. Sorting through data is an effective way to find exactly what you are looking for. Forensic Sorter classifies data into over 14 different categories, recovers deleted files, and filters out common hashes (FOCH), making your examination easier to manage, faster to process, and easier to find what you’re looking for. Paraben’s Forensic Sorter saves hours of examination time through this efficient classification and sorting process. This is a trial version of Forensic Sorter and it has some restrictions: ■ 30 Days or 23 executions ■ Your license is valid for 30 days, which is the number of days and not the number of executions. ■ Only works on Windows What is “Forensic Sorter”: This program is a useful tool for those people who have alot of data on their system. It is for people who like to keep their data organized and coherent through the examination. How does “Forensic Sorter” work: This software is a tool which will organize your data and any file in any format. This is extremely useful if your system has too much information to sort effectively. Why is “Forensic Sorter” being given away for free? We are looking to help people in any way that we can. We want to help people and we know that “Forensic Sorter” is one of the best tools out there for that. Who is using “Forensic Sorter”: We are not looking to limit the number of people using this program to specific groups. Anyone can use it for whatever reason they may have. When will “Forensic Sorter” be updated: We will make sure to update this program for you. We will make sure that you have the best software out there for your needs. How can you help me with “Forensic Sorter”: We will be willing to communicate with you through the help link on the Forensic Sorter product page. If you have specific questions feel free to call the Help Desk anytime Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. The number to call is 1-877-629-7447. If you would like to email us please click here and you will be redirected to a web form where you can fill in the requested information. A copy of “Forensic Sorter” is being made available free of charge. No information or functionalities will be altered, however it is not

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Forensic Sorter is the definitive forensic data management and recovery program for Windows. Forensic Sorter supports all major forensic image formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDS, PFR and RAW. Forensic Sorter is the only program that can perform in-depth recovery of FAT and NTFS files from deleted drives, slack space and unallocated space while the drive is still mounted. Forensic Sorter is the only program that can recover lost data even from a drive that has been formatted. Forensic Sorter can recover deleted files and partitions from PC’s, laptops, memory cards, removable media (e.g. flash drives, USB sticks, etc.), CD’s and DVD’s. Forensic Sorter includes a unique UNIX-like disk manager which allows you to view data on your drive as if it were a UNIX file system. Forensic Sorter is the only program that can detect if your drive is partitioned, re-partitioned, or RAIDed. When it comes time to sort and process your data, you will need a tool that is able to help you quickly locate and get the information you need, without wasting time. Forensic Sorter is that tool. This tool works to quickly examine the stored information within a file, and categorizes this information into various groups, in an effort to help you locate the information you are searching for with ease and accuracy. This is a unique feature of Forensic Sorter, which differentiates this program from other solutions. This is the only tool that will create an entire directory structure within a file, which allows you to look for any specific information, no matter if it is a picture, word document, spreadsheet, email, or file. This unique feature of Forensic Sorter makes it the tool of choice for any number of situations. Forensic Sorter is the only tool that offers a comprehensive analysis and a complete recovery process, and can be used as a standalone tool with a separate output directory. In addition to working with popular file formats (TIFF, PFR, RAR, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and JPEG), Forensic Sorter also has the capability to decode the data which can be decrypted using Paraben’s unique technology to give you access to encryption data. In addition to the video review, you will also learn how to configure Forensic Sorter for your needs. Learn how you can view files on a drive as if it were a UNIX file system. Learn how you can recover deleted files and recover from slacks, un

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