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In This Chapter Understanding Photoshop’s interface Getting familiar with all the different tools Navigating the interface efficiently Organizing panels, palettes, and the workspace At first glance, Photoshop’s interface (the canvas that includes all the tools and panels) looks daunting. But with a little patience and experimentation, you can have some fun with it. In this chapter, we give you the lowdown on everything from selecting, cropping, and resizing images, to organizing panels and palettes, to creating and saving your

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If you are looking to improve, recreate or design a logo, branding, print material, video or photography, Photoshop is a good start. But when you are looking for ways to quickly apply edits to a stack of images in a Photoshop document, know about Adobe Premiere Elements or Snap Shop for a small app that does the job. You can save your work and create a master file that opens easily and directly in traditional Photoshop. The moment you open the file, the action begins. In just a few seconds you can start applying all kinds of edits or make any adjustment you like. With a little practice, you can save time and find all the right tools in one place. Instead of opening your last project multiple times, you can access all the tools you need while creating a new project. And if your project never ends, you can save it as a template for later use. How to open Photoshop documents in Premiere For a standalone app, Premiere Elements is an interesting companion for Photoshop. If you want to open a Photoshop document in your Premiere, you don’t need to install anything extra. Load a Photoshop Document To open a Photoshop Document in Premiere, click on the file icon. Create a new project Next, you can choose to create a new project or open an existing one. As long as your Photoshop version is recent, you will find the same function in the menu. With a new project you are able to quickly create a new document and apply different filters or adjustments. To access the details of a project, you need to click on the tab for the Document. Open Project Settings The project details are also important when creating new images or retouching projects. From the menu button, click on the Project Settings tab. This makes it possible to connect to a previous Photoshop document and adjust settings such as resolution. How to create a customized word cloud in Photoshop If you’re looking for a fun way to organize information, create a word cloud is a great way to get started. But this can be a tedious task if you don’t have a specialized tool. In that case, it’s a good idea to try to create one using Photoshop. Photoshop can create an impressive cloud that looks different from the ones you will find on websites. Simply create a new document. Then go to the top bar of the tool and 05a79cecff

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Windows Vista 64-bit or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later Vulkan-capable video drivers from the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 19.4 drivers for AMD graphics cards (or above), or drivers from AMD Graphics Driver 3.10 for NVIDIA graphics cards Intel integrated graphics Minimum of 2GB of RAM Minimum of 1GB of free disk space Input devices including a keyboard and mouse Requires a 64-bit processor “Share games, chat, discover and play together with thousands of others. Choose to

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