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The purpose of this document is to explain in detail how to build and use GeoLock, a program for advanced Tor users to control their exit node geolocation. Google map location This is the page that will be used to determine the current country and local IP address. The local address will be used to determine the country the Tor exit node is in. The following steps will be used to verify your current locations on Google map: Send a request to the Google servers. Wait for the response. Convert the received response to a string. Display the received string. Go back to step 1. Actual Tor exit node locations You can choose to keep the exit node in your current location. However, GeoLock will ask for a new random identity until the exit node has a country you specify. You will also have the option to keep the exit node location and refresh the properties every 5 minutes. However, if you choose this option, you may have to choose a country to a degree. * Input Options (1) * Country * You will choose a country that is under your control. If this option isn’t available, GeoLock will search to see if there are any existing locations for that country. * There are two types of locations that can be returned: random, and deterministic. The random type gives you access to randomly selected locations in that country. The deterministic type gives you access to all existing exit nodes for that country. * The deterministic locations will be expanded by GeoLock. * Refresh Interval * You can set the refresh interval and force a refresh. * Generate a new identity every * * 7 days * * 14 days * * 30 days * * 60 days * * 90 days * *

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After you have installed GeoLock, you can see it in your menu and in the help system, with the following description: GeoLock is an application that uses the Tor software to automatically change the country of your exit node. You can use this tool to help prevent exit nodes from countries that have politically motivated laws. The interface of the application is transparent, you will be not be able to see it while the change is being processed, however it is important to note that the Tor software requests a new exit node identity for the user every 5 minutes and if the new exit node country matches with your requirements then GeoLock will change your exit node to match the new requirements. Before you use the GeoLock application you should make sure that you know the outcome and what your new exit node will be, the country of the exit node is only changed when you set it by yourself. Also, if the change is being made on your behalf, and someone finds out, the change will fail, so you should ensure that you have no idea what your new exit node has been changed into. Information about the issue that will be processed can be found in the Change the log files located in [TOR-MANAGER]/.cache/geo_lock/changes Features of GeoLock: You can choose what country you want to change your exit node to, or try to stop any exit node from giving 2f7fe94e24

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GeoLock is an easy to use application that allows you to control your exit node to a certain level of detail. Download: – Download the.pwl file from [1] to install GeoLock. – Download the.tbt files from [2] to change your geolocation settings. – If you’ve not yet started Tor, then start it now. – Browse to your Tor directory. – Open a new tab/window and type: curl -O tar xzvf geoLock-* – You will need to run./geolock -h to check the various options. – You will need to repeat this every 5 minutes. – If you have multiple Tor browsers, then you will need to check them individually. – If you don’t like using curl, then you could also run this yourself: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9999 Origin: – Adapted from the excellent work by @XavierMetal of @XavierOnsecurity. [1] [2] Nonequilibrium Effects in Ferroelectric Thin Films. Ferroelectric thin films exhibit rich behaviors in properties and physics due to nonequilibrium dynamics, such as morphology evolution, phase transition, and domain wall motion. These behaviors can be modeled by a set of equations of motion (EOMs) based on phenomenological Landau’s theory, which couples the extended Ginzburg-Landau model to the Euler-Lagrange equations. However, these EOMs only provide a qualitative description and lack of the quantitative predictions, which are very important for current devices. To understand the nonequilibrium dynamics of ferroelectric thin films, a new approach is proposed, in which the phenomenological EOMs are generalized to be coupled with the stochastic differential equations of motion (SDEs), and the coupling effect is developed in a systematic way. In the approach, the Euler

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* Edge or exit operators can specify desired local geolocation for their exit nodes, either in terms of countries or within cities, states, provinces, and so forth. * From outside the Tor network, Geolock should appear to be running on the user’s machine, but it is operating on a separate virtual machine, which hides itself by pretending to be a normal user account. * The user can also have any data they want to a specific server. * GeoLock listens to Tor and checks to see that the user is still enabled and that the country and state they specify in the settings continue to meet their criteria. * If the criteria are not met for the second and subsequent checks, the Tor software will send a request to the user to change the country, state or other settings as they see fit. * This feature was created as a response to the Australian High Court ruling to ban the use of exit node based IP blocking by ISPs. The court’s reasoning was that exit nodes violated the privacy of Australian users. This rule has not been clarified. GeoLock is not a plug-in for the tor bundle, this is just a wrapper. Requirements GeoLock requires Java 1.7 or later. Installation Download and unzip GeoLock to your computer. From the terminal run “./”, or, from a different directory: “sh./”. If GeoLock has problems detecting your tor instance start it manually by running “java -Dwebroot=/path/to/my/geolock -jar geolock.jar” where /path/to/my/geolock is replaced by the path to your geolock directory. Then set the following in torrc to your new configuration: Note: some distributions, such as ubuntu, won’t have Java by default, so go to the java package and then to the “bin” directory and then to “javac”. rc.geolockEnabled = true rc.geolockCountries = gb,us rc.geolockStates = sw,ca rc.geolockCities = atl,as,nh,or,vt,nc,nc,sc,nc,sc,wv,va,ca rc.geolockProvinces = va,ok,kl,ko,ky,mo,nc,ca

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An NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 770 graphics card, or ATI/AMD Radeon R9 290 (HD), or Intel® Core™ i5-2400 or above Windows 7 or above 16GB of RAM 20GB of free disk space DirectX 11 compatible graphics card support Dual or Quad-core CPU’s Minimum System Requirements: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (C2D) or AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2GB of RAM 16GB of free disk space support Dual

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