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iTransGo is a powerful and convenient file migration utility that enables you to transfer files and data from one iOS device to another. With it, you can easily and quickly transfer messages, contacts, call logs, notes, reminders, calendars, music, movies, photos, and other important files and data to your new device.St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina undergoes surgery on left hip St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina left Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers after experiencing tightness in his left hip during the second inning. According to the Cardinals, Molina is scheduled to undergo surgery on his left hip Monday and will be out for approximately six weeks, which would put him back on the field in August. Molina, a five-time All-Star, is hitting.296 (14-for-46) with five home runs, 21 RBIs and 20 runs scored this season. He’s the Cardinals’ only unanimous selection for the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award. The Cardinals may be without Molina when they begin a three-game series at Miami on Monday. Right-hander Jake Westbrook is scheduled to start for the Cardinals against Phillies lefty Cliff Lee.Let’s talk about what’s happening in the world. In this episode I speak with author Patricia Sutherland. She has written a series of 7 books on the subject of energy medicine. She has a series of workshops for 12 years, where she guides people through, the entire process of using energy medicine. I have never seen someone through this process so well. Her mission is about people understanding how energy works, and how they can best use this information to heal themselves on a deeper level. She has many books that explain the energy theory, so I will leave a link in the description below if you want to learn all of that. Patricia and I talk about the chakra system and how it is really the doorway to healing yourself, and healing others. We also talk about how each chakra is tied to a feeling, a sense, and an emotion. We talk about how the chakras work with the heart and the higher heavenly bodies, the Sun and Moon, and how we all have an inner light within us. If you want to learn about energy medicine, and how to heal yourself, Patricia’s

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iTransGo runs in the background and automatically can find and select the desired data. The result of the transfer will be saved to the correct destination (iPhone, iPad or computer). New version of iTransGo for iPhone and iPad has just been released! iTransGo is an application used for migrating the data of iOS devices to a computer or other iDevices. It has been designed to be easy to use and manage. It has a highly intuitive User Interface, offers a unique way to transfer data like photos, contacts, calendars or videos in high speed, and back up data even if you have no iTunes backup. Its main purpose is to enable you to have a clean iCloud backup on your computer. [Guide] How to Recover Lost or Deleted Contacts (iPhone) Lost contacts can be recovered so easily by iPhone users. But do you know how? Most often, iPhone users accidentally delete or change contacts by mistake and have no other way to recover them. You might not even remember who your contacts are. If this is the case, you can recover lost or deleted contacts easily. [How to Recover] Lost or Deleted Contacts (iPhone) Step 1. Go to the Settings > Phone > Backup On the Backup screen, turn off Back up using iTunes (this option is not available for some iPhones.) Turn on ‘Backup from device’. Step 2. Recover Lost or Deleted Contacts (iPhone) Click on the 3 little dots at the top right hand corner and select ‘Recover Backup’. Step 3. Select the source Click on ‘Files on your computer’. Step 4. Move to the target Click on ‘Recover Here’ and select the ‘Contacts’ folder on your computer. Step 5. Restore Contacts (iPhone) Click on ‘Restore Contacts’ to restore the contacts on your iPhone. Note: Some older versions of iPhone cannot restore contacts. If that is the case for you, we strongly recommend that you use a third party tool to recover contacts. [Bonus Tip] How to Recover Pictures Also, there are two main types of contact recovery. Contact recovery can be done from the iTunes Backup file or from your computer. Recover lost or deleted contacts from your iTunes backup file. It is a quick 2f7fe94e24

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iPhone Data Transfer is an easy-to-use program that can transfer data between your iPhone and computer. It is a standalone program that has all the major data including messages, notes, calendars, voice memo, browser bookmarks, multimedia, contact, messages and more. No need to spend time with iTunes and a USB cable. Just connect iPhone and computer and let Data Transfer do its job. iTransGo Description: iTransGo will help you get all the info from iPhone to computer and manage it easily. iTransGo Description: iTransGo can transfer photos, voice memos, contacts, and messages from your iPhone to computer, and backup iPhone data on computer easily. iTransGo Description: iTransGo will help you get all the info from iPhone to computer and manage it easily. iTransGo Description: iTransGo can transfer photos, voice memos, contacts, and messages from your iPhone to computer, and backup iPhone data on computer easily. Connects two iOS devices and facilitates data migration One of the major pluses of iTransGo is related to the list of supported devices. Not just that it facilitates iPhone-to-iPhone transfers, but it can use any other iOS device to perform data transfers. In other words, it also supports iPads alongside iPhones, regardless of the iOS version installed (iOS 8, 9, 10, or 11). Aiming to keep things as simple as possible, iTransGo only requires iTunes to be installed on your system. It then prompts you to connect the two iOS devices to the local computer via USB. Once you do so, it retrieves the model, the iOS version, and the storage capacity of each of the two devices. No matter the order you connect them in, the source device can quickly become the destination device with the click of a button. Select the data to be transferred and watch as the application does its job The next step is to explore the contents of the source device. iTransGo displays information regarding the free and the occupied space and allows you to select the types of items you want it to transfer to the destination device. You can choose between messages, contacts, the call history, personal notes, calendars, voice memos, and browser bookmarks. Moving further, iTransGo proceeds to migrating data to the target device. You should not disconnect any of the devices as it does so since it might result in a failed transfer and data loss. The progress is displayed, and

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iTransGo is a good alternative to iTunes if you want to transfer data from your iOS device to another iOS device, or from your iPhone to an iPad, or vice-versa. It only requires iTunes to be installed on your computer, and also requires iOS devices to be connected to your computer. Besides these devices, you can also use iTransGo to migrate data from any smartphone or tablet to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, regardless of the iOS version installed on the devices. Moreover, the app allows you to do data transfers between two iPhones at the same time. Introduction iTransGo is a cross-platform application that lets you seamlessly transfer photos, contacts, calendars, SMS messages, voice memos and other such data between iOS devices. It can do so by automatically transferring items from one device to the other via Wi-Fi, USB, or iCloud. On top of that, this tool can easily help you retrieve data from an iPhone or iPad if the storage media was damaged, if a device got lost, or if the media was simply misplaced. iTransGo works on both Android and Mac, supporting devices running iOS 8.x or older, and Android 6.x. Some of the supported features include: Data migration: pull the data from an iPhone to an iPad (or vice versa), or pull data from a single iPhone to all other devices. The process is achieved using Wi-Fi, USB, or iCloud. Calendar sync: sync calendars and address books between two devices. Photo migration: retrieve photos from an iPad to an iPhone or iPod Touch, or retrieve photos from an iPod Touch to a phone. iCloud synchronization: sync calendars and contacts using the cloud. Bookmark synchronization: sync bookmarks and Safari bookmarks between two devices. Call history synchronization: sync the call history between two devices. SMS synchronization: transfer SMS messages and voice memos between two devices. Synchronization does not require iTunes. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can also use it to manage the iTunes library if you happen to want to do so. iTransGo also features a very intuitive interface that only requires you to pick the destination device and click “Start.” If you intend to use iTransGo to migrate data from an iPhone or an iPad to another, simply connect both devices to your PC. Afterward, the application will prompt you to connect the source device to the destination device, which you can do with a click of a

System Requirements:

Windows: Windows 7 or higher. CPU: Core i5 or higher GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher (AMD ATI Radeon HD 4300 or higher) Mac: Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air iOS: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or later, iPad 2 or later Android: Android 2.3 or later Keyboard: Gaming keyboard Monitor: 1080p screen (1280×720 recommended). Resolution

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