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The last steps of an installation process usually consist of the choice of shortcuts, which can be in the Start Menu, desktop, and more. However, to avoid spending a lot of time to look for a program of interest, you can use specialized applications like Keylink to read existing entries and create an intuitive, alternative launch method. Quick configuration through a wizard At first the application offers to run a wizard so you can easily scan a specific folder and automatically map it out. Within a few steps you get to choose not only a location, but also narrow down results with filters to include, or exclude different types of formats, or even look for items based on text strings. You’re not forced to go through with the wizard configuration, so you can first check out the set of features. Sadly, adding files later on isn’t done through drag and drop. On the other hand, there’s quite a variety of input options, such as files, folders, directory content, custom type of entry, URL, and even Windows command. Visual tweaking and hotkey support All items you add are initially shown in a rather compact window, but there’s the possibility to have it resized by simply dragging the borders around. A scrollbar is automatically included, while visual tweaking makes it possible to change the skin, and adjust the transparency level to make it blend with your desktop. The application can be set to automatically run with Windows so that it’s ready by the time you reach the desktop. This option shows up on initial launch, and can also be manually toggled from the options menu. For more flexibility, hotkey support makes it easy to bring the launcher up from the tray area, or even launch specific elements this way. To sum it up All things considered, we can safely state that Keylink can help you create a neat, custom launcher for programs, games, websites, and even special commands you frequently use. Hotkey support greatly extends flexibility, while the initial wizard configurator helps you configure the entire list with little effort.







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A newbie’s dream, an experienced user’s nightmare: configuring the software that wants to be your Start menu. With Keylink you can automate each and every step in the process. Whether you need to find a program from a local folder, a website, or an email, Keylink will know where to look – without you ever having to look. The application supports local and remote operations, which means you can scan your computer, your network, and even web-based locations in order to find what you’re looking for. It’s possible to add manual entries, command lines, shortcuts, and even URLs in order to create a launcher that can not only put your favorite applications at your fingertips, but also run anything with a single, click. Key Features: – Automate tasks: create a complete launcher including links, files, and anything you want – Search, navigate, and browse freely: choose between searching through computers, documents, emails, and more – Easily find anything: search through all local folders, network shares, and web browsers – Visual, intuitive tweaks: resize the entire window to your liking, set transparency, and much more – Command line support: the possibilities are really vast, and really simple to use – Hotkeys: get a custom keyboard set for your launchers – Drag & Drop support: it’s easy to drag & drop either files or folders to the Keylink window – Starter application: include a launcher and launch from the Start menu – System tray icon: Keylink will always find out where to launch Details: – New and updated translations – Resolved a critical error that occurred when removing an online account – Refined translations – Several bug fixes Trickster is a fan-made browser for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It differs from regular browsers in its many conveniences. What is so special about it? If you’re about to be to caught up in making it, try following the guide. If you’re really excited to start, click here. Getting Started with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Browser This is a browser that’s released with its own installer, so you won’t be installing any additional programs or really going through any extra steps. You won’t be required to create a user account, 2f7fe94e24

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The Keylink bundle is the complete solution when it comes to controlling the Windows startup and shutdown process. It enables you to add items to the start menu, launch menu, desktop, and services menu with two clicks and one keystroke. It can also make you life easier through its advanced configuration tool. One click to execute The One-click to execute feature makes it easy to create and/or adjust the existing startup or shutdown dialogs of the system. You can easily create the original item by associating the folders or files to the search paths, while adding them to the existing list is done with a button click. You can easily change the menu style, add custom launchers, set keystrokes, and even create a batch file to start and/or stop services or restart your computer all through a few clicks. It’s suitable for all Windows versions up to Windows 8.1. All settings in one place The most important feature of the Keylink package is its built-in configurator. You can simply browse through different options including the description, icon, shortcut, path, validity, and so forth. All items can be renamed, set to an icon, and adjusted individually. It can automatically create any necessary registry entries, or even add the necessary batch file to run the program each time you restart the computer. It includes the startup and shutdown configuration controls, and the only thing that matters is that the configuration tool saves everything in one single place so that it’s easy to administer it even if you don’t have much experience with Windows. Gecko Media Pack 2017.0 (x86 / x64 / ISO) Gecko Media Pack is a free, easy to use and powerful virtual dvd burning software. It supports the creation of encrypted dvd images on DVD media from any ISO image. It also supports the creation of data discs on DVD media from any ISO image or dvd image. Gecko Media Pack is a free, easy to use and powerful virtual dvd burning software. It supports the creation of encrypted dvd images on DVD media from any ISO image. It also supports the creation of data discs on DVD media from any ISO image or dvd image. Gecko Media Pack is a free, easy to use and powerful virtual dvd burning software. It supports the creation of encrypted dvd images on DVD media from any ISO image. It also supports the creation of data discs on DVD media from any ISO image or

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Keylink is a small and simple program that lets you create a customized Windows OS 7/8/8.1/10 Start menu, shortcut and taskbar. It allows for endless configurability, and is now freeware. The software supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. Keylink currently runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. However, Keylink is based on the command line. Therefore, it will not run on Windows RT. Manage your Start menu, taskbar, and desktop – Browse to any location on your PC with the click of a button, and create your very own custom Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop shortcuts. Prefer your own custom icons? No problem – Change any icons as you prefer. Create shortcuts for any application on your system – Desktop shortcuts are made with a single click. Keylink will store all your shortcuts on your desktop. Keylink – * Browse to any location on your PC with the click of a button * Create your very own custom Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop shortcuts. * Change any icons as you prefer * Create shortcuts for any application on your systemThe Channel 4 News website has been hacked. It’s the latest site to fall victim to the global cyber attacks hitting organisations around the globe. The attacks began early this morning and have since spread to the website of the British Paralympic Association, the organisation which looks after the British Olympic team. The BBC’s Scotland correspondents MarkEaston and Chris Bowers have also been hit. There are no reports of any damage or loss of data, but the sites are all being taken offline for repairs. A C4 News spokeswoman said: “The attack has occurred overnight. Whilst we have no reason to believe our systems are compromised, we are continuing to work to assess the situation.” This morning the website of the Afghanistan national cricket team fell victim to cyber attacks just hours before a game against Zimbabwe. The attacks are similar to the one affecting Norway’s stock exchange and forcing Microsoft to shut down its internet site as a precaution. Attackers have targeted websites belonging to organisations around the world, including the US, France, Spain, the UK and Canada. Many have blamed the same group, Anonymous, with the group itself saying it is seeking to take down a web of covert surveillance

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DirectX 9 or later Minimum 1 GB of video memory 128 MB of RAM 80 MB of HDD space Windows Media Player 11 Some features of the game are not fully optimized for DirectX 9. Credits: Nate “Jsh9” Hughes – graphics, textures, sound Aris “Gaehtron” Levron – design Dennis “FlawlessH3ll” Felger – programmer Yulia “Wizery” Sviridov – Russian localization

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