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Despite its name, Photoshop was not originally intended for use with photos. The first public release of Photoshop did not include any kind of photo editing functionality. It was released in 1992 as a package of tools that included a suite of raster graphics editing capabilities and a drawing editor. One of the reasons why Photoshop is such a popular tool is its collaboration feature, which enables you to work on a file in a mirrored environment. Photoshop gives you full access to the tools you need to manipulate the image without having to ask the other person to help you with certain tasks. ## Adobe Creative Suite Some customers want to use Photoshop but can’t afford the cost of the full version of Photoshop. Enter the Creative Suite. Adobe charges $699 for the first year, which gives you all of the features in the different versions of Photoshop (CS2 through CS6), as well as Adobe’s other applications for creating images (Figure 3-12). **Figure 3-12:** The Creative Suite includes Adobe Photoshop. | — | —

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What is Photoshop Elements? One way to distinguish between Photoshop Elements and the professional version is the interface. Elements sports a much simpler interface, compared to the customisable, sophisticated interface of Photoshop. The interface of Elements is arranged into toolbars, which are similar to the menu options in the professional version. If you want to hide the toolbars, you can. The toolbars are also represented on each menu. Apart from the different interface, the main differences between the two are: Elements can only open and save JPEG files, and they may only contain 8-bit colors. Elements do not support the RAW file format. Elements is a smaller and much easier to use program. Elements allows you to save files in a variety of formats for later use. Elements is a free edition of Photoshop. Elements used to be known as Photoshop Lightroom. Photoshop Elements comes in two different editions: Elements 12 and Elements 12 Essential are available for Windows and macOS operating systems. They are compatible with Windows 7 and up and macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and later. Elements 11 is available only for Windows operating systems. Adobe Photoshop Elements The interface can be customized to fit your needs. There are many options you can configure. The User Guide is very helpful for new users, but there are some essential features to know. Customising Customising helps in getting to know the programs, what actions will be your favourites, and lets you tailor your computer screen to what you prefer. You can find Customising in the Preferences menu or in the Edit menu. You can search by name in a menu, or you can use the arrow keys. Setting the Windows 10 Sidebar to automatically show certain items The sidebar allows you to hide or show specific windows. It also allows you to drag and drop items on the side bar. Windows can be added, removed, or rearranged as you wish. Windows can be “pinned” to the sidebar. Cameras Open Camera: Opens your Camera or a selected camera Open Image or Video: Opens the image or video you selected before Camera The camera allows you to select different aspects of the image. This includes the picture quality and focus. You can open the File Menu to access the camera settings. Ed 05a79cecff

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The Brush features allow you to paint with a brush or paint bucket. This tool is also useful for painting colors and patterns into your images. The Pen Tool is designed to draw by hand. It allows you to draw fine detailed paths and lines with different colors and textures. Brushes in Photoshop Brushes allow you to paint in an image. When you paint with the Brush tool, you paint with layers. Each layer can be either transparent or opaque. These layers are similar to the traditional layers in an image. You can paint with the layer at any time to create effects, such as grayscale painting. The first Brush tool setting gives you several preprogrammed options. You can paint with a brush shape, move the Brush tool, view the Brush tool, or change the size of the brush. The Thickness and Pressure controls also allow you to change the softness of the Brush tool. After you paint with the Brush tool, the changes appear on the canvas. You can see the Brush tool, as well as the state of the edges of the Brush tool. In Photoshop CS6, you can see the Brush tool and the state of the edges. Paint with a brush The next section shows you how to use brushes to create various different effects. You can paint with different Brushes in this section. Some of the different types of Brushes are highlighted in blue. Creating a brush You can create a new brush by either pressing the plus sign (+) on the Brush tool, or by choosing the New Brush button on the Brush tool Settings dialog box. This dialogue box is available by choosing More Tools/Brushes, as shown in the figure. Before you create your new brush, you need to choose the brush type and the brush style. Choosing the brush type To choose a brush, click on the Brush Type button, as shown in the figure. The list of available brushes will be displayed on the drop-down window. You can change the width of the brush by clicking on the size button at the bottom of the window. You can select additional brush settings and apply to the new brush by choosing from the Brush Settings dialog box. You can make the brush larger by selecting it, and dragging the border. You can make the brush smaller by selecting it and dragging the background. You can also create a custom brush by dragging a selection. In that case, the Brush Settings dialog box will appear

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