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– Over 150 Training Points – Three Ninjutsu – A Secret Technique – A Weapon – An Avatar Part – A Number of Costumes Please find a link to a tutorial video for the full list of available rewards in the Documents section. – JPN: – ENGLISH: – GERMAN: – FRANCAIS: – SPANISH: Recommended for those willing to play NTBSS using GameFAQs Emulator. Sonic 4 Script 1.9.3 released! New feature allows you to input various inputs, including button, direction, number, and name! You’ll need to use the following commands in the command line: Mapper – F1 – For help – F2 – Increase the light level. – F3 – Decrease the light level. – F5 – For the HID-X Viewer. – F6 – For the HID-X Emulator. – F7 – For Sonic the Hedgehog mode. – F8 – For Sonic 3 and Knuckles mode. – F9 – For the Fake ID console command. – F10 – For the FCLKS mode. – F11 – For the BGM mode. – F12 – Return to the previous menu. – Num1- Num6 – Bury the selected item in the bag. – Enter – Look at the item. – LeftArrow – Move in a clockwise direction. – UpArrow – Move in an anti-clockwise direction. – RightArrow – Move in a counter-clockwise direction. – DownArrow – Move in a counter-clockwise direction. – Play – Starts/Stops playing the item. – Pause – Pauses the game. – Num7 – Categorize the selected item. – F8 – Select whether to take the item to the bag. – The number 0 to 9 – Increase/Decrease the item’s attributes. Device: DSi Version: 1.3.


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