Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2.rar

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2.rar


Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2.rar

steinberg virtual guitarist 2 is a unique instrument. it uses modo bass’s real-time sound synthesis to enable a whole new level of flexibility and expression. start with a totally different instrument and start playing by the rules of any real bassist. use looping or any other technique you want. set up to 32 different configurations. see what happens when the strings are selected in different musical styles, and how the end result affects the sound. throw in a different acoustic treatment to add another dimension to your sound. modify the pickups in various ways. change the temperament setting of the keyboard. adjust the tuning when necessary. all this real-time modification is fully integrated into the sound of your bass instrument and you have complete control over every aspect of your sound. in addition to all of this, you can use the known parameters of any real instrument and play with your own expressions in a variety of musical styles.

modify your instrument and playing approach to get completely unique sounds
in modo bass, a bass is just one part of a much larger instrument. instead of modifying your instrument to get a bass sound, you can modify the sound of the whole thing to get a bass sound, and thus get a complete performance from a different instrument.

with modo bass, you can modify the sound of any instrument to get the sound of a particular instrument. what kind of instrument you want to play, and what kind of playing approach you need to adopt are the only limiting factors. if youve got a problem that you cant solve using traditional methods, youll be able to address it in modo bass and get the ultimate flexibility and expression.

the interface is easy to use, with just eight settings: modes, lfos, equalization, noise, amp models, effects, stereo and pan. it also includes a nice free dynamic amp modeling suite which simulates a wide variety of amps. just select the type of amp that you want (humbucker, single coil, etc) from an array of presets, and adjust the specs. and lastly there are also 4 instrument sounds to choose from. our favorite is the telecaster with a clean channel (which is an excellent alternative to a standard fender strat. the onboard dynamic amp modeling suite is packed with over 10 effects, all with a control algorithm that you can work with. headache reducer, channel strip, stereo dream, and flip can all be used in any order to create interesting effects. the array of settings is large and just a taste of how many sound combinations are possible. of course, virtual guitarist doesn’t stop there. it also comes with a variety of additional tools that allow you to create interesting effects. there is 3d position control, chord creator, cabinet, guitar polyphony, auxiliary oscillator, 12 string chording, arpeggiator, and even chromatic tuner. all of this comes in a package that is easy to use and doesn’t require any programming. steinberg virtual guitarist comes with over 600+ sounds and each new sound is engineered from scratch to fit within your playing style. of course, the best part of the instrument is that it’s free. despite the fact that virtual guitarist is an affordable option for those on a tight budget, it still manages to produce quality sounds. even if you’re a fan of larger, more expensive hardware virtual instruments, you should give virtual guitarist a try. we think it’s a worthy investment. if you’re a guitarist looking to add some variety to your sound, you owe it to yourself to try it. it’s really that simple. 5ec8ef588b

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