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TalkBox is a multi-user conference chat application where you can locate your friends and chat with them direct. You can even encrypt your chat sessions with 2048 bit Encryption. TalkBox is still is beta mode, yet chatting has been tested with 2 and 3 people currently. File sharing (currently uploading to friends) is in early development and not much error checking. TalkBox requies a connection to a TalkBox server which can also be downloaded. Anyone can run their own server, even a dial up user. Just register a dynamic ip name with







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TalkBox Free Download is a conference chat application for use in social gatherings. It is similar to Skype or Google Hangouts where people can meet in realtime, talk, and see photos of each others lives. Much like a party, TalkBox’s interface is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. It’s also very configurable. Settings, including time limits, sound, and custom emoticons can be adjusted to fit in with the way you use and arrange your conversations. You must purchase TalkBox in order to get free access. How to get a free account: When you purchase TalkBox you will receive your download link in your email. First Sign Up: Connect your TalkBox to your Google account. Sign in with your google account. Create a profile. When creating a profile, make sure to set your TalkBox name to your email. Once your profile is ready, sign out of your talkbox and connect it to your google account. Then enter your google credentials. Once you have completed this, you are all set and can invite friends and you can send them TalkBox invites. Once you have your account ready it’s time to invite your friends to TalkBox. Click on the “invite friends button. On the “Themes” section, make sure that “Frequency” is “Help me pick” and that “Free Talkbox” is selected. Users that are invited to TalkBox will be asked to install the app. They will be presented with a “Get TalkBox” button and a popup window will offer to download the app in case they don’t have it. If the app is downloaded, they will be asked to complete the registration process. The Friend Invite is sent to the Talkbox server and is basically just a notice saying your friend is online. Recommended Settings for TalkBox: When you first run TalkBox you will be asked to set your “Time Limits” to “2 mins” “20 secs” and “never”. Next, you will be asked to “Recapture Hard Discs”, this will not be needed after a while. Next you will be asked to select “Sound Level” and pick the one you think is best

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TalkBox is a multi-user chat application that allows users to chat with each other via a wireless network and from mobile devices. TalkBox uses multicast (MAC) addressing to locate users. The system does not store their location, so you can easily get online or offline. TalkBox uses 2048 bit encryption for your chat. Instead of using IRC, TalkBox is an application that uses the TCP/IP protocol. TalkBox was designed with the goal of replacing chat programs like Pidgin, and Skype. TalkBox has a web interface, so you can control it from anywhere, and is fully customizable. TalkBox works with both windows and Mac computers. TalkBox Features: TalkBox Features: 1. Multi-user chat TalkBox can support up to 255 users. 2. Chat history – There is a chat history so you can click on the chat to see what people have said to each other. 3. Logging – You can log all of your chat sessions. 4. Text-to-speech – You can turn your chat into a podcast. 5. Encryption – 2048 bit encryption is used when you log in. 6. Audio recording – Audio recording is possible, for example, users can talk to each other and after some time a voice recording can be made. 7. Multitasking – Using TalkBox does not require you to close applications that you are using. 8. File sharing – TalkBox can work well as a file sharing platform. For example, you can upload or download files. 9. Web interface – TalkBox is a web-based application. From your computer you can use the TalkBox web interface to find contacts, talk to users, and change many other things. 10. Send and receive email – TalkBox includes email functionality. This means that users can also use their email to send or receive email from TalkBox. 11. Mac Compatible – TalkBox is a Mac compatible application. TalkBox Usage: If you don’t have a TalkBox server and wish to chat you can use our free TalkBox program by downloading the needed files. Or you can use our paid TalkBox program. Paid TalkBox uses your credit card or PayPal account to make payments. Paid TalkBox is available for Windows and Mac computers. Paid TalkBox is only for pay users. Dial up users can also use their computer as a TalkBox server. 02dac1b922

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TalkBox is a multi-user chat application for the Palm OS. It includes a graphical chat window as well as a windowless text-only chat. Together, they give you instant access to one of your friends, wherever you are. For example, you can be on the road and still chat with your friend at home. You can also chat with your friend even if you are not at the computer. TalkBox lets you communicate in ways that other chat programs can’t. And best of all, TalkBox is free! ======================================== Weather Zip+4 Professional is a latest and greatest version of our professional forecast program for the Palm OS. This add-on can add address information to your Palm OS desktop clock. If you have a Palm Pilot V3 or V3x from HandSpring (or should I say Palm Trollin’?) it’s a piece of cake to change from +1 to +4. For others who might be reading, you can also change from -4 to +4. All you have to do is go into the ‘Create App’ section of your Palm and install the “ZP4” demo app. They may be asking you to do this now. I’m not sure about this, but if you already have them on your system, it’s easy to add to it anyway. Just open the Palm and go to Create App. If you are interested in buying the same thing for the Palm T|E or Touch Pro, they are just as easy to add. Just do the same thing and add the following line to the first line of the code. Format( ZP4, “V3”, “PCL7”, “CAB”, “Default”, “Numeric”,”n”, “South-West” ) You also need to make sure you have v6 of the Palm OS on your computer. Any version before 6 is not capable of using this program. This add-on should work for any Palm OS (modification to the pkgInfo file is required). What’s the difference? For the Touch and Palm T|E: – Use the V6 specific pkgInfo, rather than the standard V5 one. – Add “CAB” instead of “T” at the end of the pkgInfo. For others: – Use the pkgInfo you currently have,

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TalkBox 1.1 is a multi-user chat-room application similar to AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber. You can send chat messages, file share and other things to your friends in real time. TalkBox supports multi-user chat rooms and can handle hundreds of users. Chat rooms are private so you can also keep things on your own. -Chat rooms (you need to be invited by your friends), -File sharing (can be used to send big sized files at the moment), -File search (to search files by filename, keywords and other things), -Encrypted chat (2-256 bit self-deployed secure encryption mode), -Group chat (you can be a member of several chat rooms at the same time), -Voice chat (voice calls are supported), -Shared moods (you can change the moods of all the members in a room), -Votes (you can give or get votes for users), -Own status (users can edit their status to tell what they are doing and what they are thinking), -Public groups (you can invite other users to a group and can find these groups, -Public groups (you can invite other users to a group and can find these groups, -Inbox (you can listen to messages that are sent in your inbox), -Smilies (special message symbols), -Dictations (to record voice message, simply speak the text you want and choose dictation), -Video calls (both HD and not-so-HD video calling), -Location sharing (Geo-location sharing which is called “Locating Members of a TalkBox”). At first, you can download talkbox 1.1 by clicking the link below. To buy talkbox 1.1, we send a invoice to you via paypal. // // // // // // //talkbox.

System Requirements:

Wii U OS: IOS v10.1 or later Android 5.1 or later Windows 8 or later Processor: Apple A8X, A9X Apple A7, A8 Apple A7, A6X Apple A5X Apple A5 Intel Atom Z3500 Intel Atom Z3735F Intel Atom Z3735F, Z3735F Intel Atom Z3736F Intel Atom Z3740

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