TunerStudio MS V1006 UPD

TunerStudio MS V1006 UPD

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TunerStudio MS V1006

the ms edition of tunerstudio offers an incredibly powerful suite of tuning tools, from diagnosis, to tuning, data logging, and to data analysis. this version also offers some added features that are not found in the pro version. the first is the ability to log your data to a file. all previous versions of tunerstudio required you to be connected to a serial port. now you can simply save your data to a file with this version. to make it even easier, tunerstudio ms lets you create custom dashboards. just drag and drop the pages that you want on your dashboard, and then save it as a template. then whenever you want to view this dashboard, you simply save it as a template to your computer, and it will appear with all the pages that you put on the dashboard. what does all this mean? now you can see your data anywhere, even on your dashboard. the ms edition of tunerstudio also gives you the ability to export your data to a file. this allows you to use this data for other purposes, for example, analyzing it with other products. finally, the ms edition of tunerstudio offers the ability to create custom dashboards. so when you go to make a modification to the car, you can simply drag and drop all the pages that you want to display to the dashboard. this gives you much greater control over your data and makes it much easier to visualize.

tunerstudio ms ultra (registered) – this is the 2nd level upgrade offering more features. ve analyze live – tune for you, multiple tabbed dashboards, fancy dashboards, a dashboard designer, multi select 1d curves and tables, additional connection options (bluetooth direct, d2xx usb, wifi), a gamut of other tools to make you life easier getting your project up an running it’s best. most people will want to at least register for this edition!

the latest ms release of tunerstudio offers the best possible solution to capturing, viewing and analyzing your data. the ms edition of tunerstudio is designed to meet the needs of the most sophisticated enthusiasts or the most novice tuner. it is as simple to use as the previous version, offering more features at a price that remains less than ms pro’s. it also adds the ability to create tabs and dashboards to display your data in a more dynamic way, making it easier to gain understanding and make changes to your car. the upgrade version also brings live updates to your data analytics and recommendations. finally, the ms version of tunerstudio includes the option to download your data, a feature that is included in the pro version but is not found in the ms version. tunerstudio® is the most powerful tuning solution for the pc. use it for diagnostic, tuning, data analysis and even data logging. and it is easy to use! get instant access to a complete suite of tuning applications, car diagnostic data, and dashboards. this is the only tuning solution that gives you all of these tools in one complete package. one of the most requested features from previous tunerstudio products was the ability to export your data for use with other products. the ms edition of tunerstudio is the first product that lets you download your data to a file for use in other products. it is easy to use, and no additional software is required to make use of this feature. the latest version of tunerstudio adds the ability to create custom dashboards. with a simple drag and drop interface, you can create your own dashboard, which then can be saved as a template and then be applied to other dashboards for viewing and editing. 5ec8ef588b


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