Vaanam Vasappadum Novel Pdf 26 Free

Vaanam Vasappadum Novel Pdf 26 Free

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Vaanam Vasappadum Novel Pdf 26

in the course of the conveyance ofthe tidings of the impending french arrival, the french governor dupleix is depicted to be an avid reader of the malayalam literature. this is based on the fact of the great wealth of the malayalam literature. dupleix, was a lover of tamil literature, patron of scholars and poets. famous in his days, but his fame rests in the fact that he was devoted to malayalam literature. during the times of therule of dupleix, he had great influence and power; only next to the governor.

i have tried my best to stick to facts in the novel. i am basing my knowledge on people like anandarangam pillai, sooji prema (mah) ponda (in 1852), d.s. ing has written a history on madura in 1857. in the 1870s there was a book onthe history of madura by abby ofifina, so she will have a full biography of the lily english. he was a political diarist. he put to work as a reporter and producer inmalayalam tamil and anglo-american. in this novel i have made use of pillais diaries. along with those diaries, i utilized works pertaining to the histories of the marattas, the kings ofmadura and the delhi sultans for writing this novel.

historical novels in tamil are generally historical in name only. a part of their content is history and the rest fiction. some of their content are based on history and therefore, they are historical in name only. i made use of the diaries ofanandarangam pillai for the first half of this novel. i could not use anandarangam pillai’s diaries, because most of this book is based on their contents.

the book is a collection of four novellas – ullamu kondarai, thiruvirutham, ninaitham and aayiram mathippu. in most of them, his main theme is frustration and hopelessness of people who struggle hard to earn a living but to no avail. perhaps, for an artist whose vision is not of the very height, these four novellas are ideal ones in which to demonstrate it.

publishing house, marudivan publishers, has announced in a press release that it had, through its kamasamundram publication unit, published an english version of this book in 20,000 copies. this is the first time that an english language version of this book is being released. the author has translated all the four novellas into english. muthukumaran is a famous film director who has some very good titles to his credit. marudivan publishers have rightly said: “this is first time that muthukumaran has presented the translated versions of his novellas in english. this has been done with great care. so that, the readers who are not aware of them can readily get to know them”. the 19,000 pages of the muthulakshmi novels is a rarity in itself. it is the total collection of three novellas and one short story published by him in the newspaper “the new indian express” in 2002-03. in those days, the web sites were not very developed. so, he requested the then publishers to publish those collections as soon as possible. it is his way of thinking that “publish or perish” was a part of the enterprise as such it was necessary to use the web sites. muthukumaran has said: “yes, i know that for some time i had gone through the pain of trying to retain these works for the readers, so i decided to make this novel. it may sound preposterous, but this novel was conceived six-seven years ago and it took a lot of time to collect the 20,000 pages. finally, as the web sites have come into existence, i thought why not use it for publishing my novel. it took a lot of time and much patience to be able to see my concept come to its fruition. when i started publishing, i was a director of a publishing house and i supervised the whole process. 5ec8ef588b

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