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Inspired by the action RPG classics of the 90’s, Wayward Souls puts you into an open world with many different areas to explore and secrets to find. Seven heroes you get to customize along the way, with different playstyles and abilities. Recreate the old classic action-RPG with a new twist and take a journey as you learn about seven different characters and discover their stories, all as they fight to find the secrets of the cursed tower you find yourself in. Customize each character with the items, weapons, and equipment sets that can change the look and stats of each. Fight through hordes of monsters to gain experience and level up. Over 100 different monster types. Over 300 hats! Many different rooms, room types, encounters, and secrets. Unlockable game modes, including Endless Mode. Greatly inspired by 90’s era action-RPG’s, but with a faster pace and a focus on randomized replay value. A great combat system that brings everyone together around their synergy with the skills of their characters and equipment. Customize each character with their own unique moveset and style. Narrative story events as you move through the game. Heavily inspired by 90’s era games, but with a faster paced gameplay. Unlockable game modes, including Endless Mode. Over 100 different monster types. Over 300 hats! Many different areas, room types, rare rooms, encounters, and secrets. Ability to customize your hero with your own equipment sets and character items. Fully 3D and hand-drawn art style. Wayward Souls is a game with a lot of content! Fight through and gain experience and level up, collect hats to change everything about your character. Over 300 different hats! Hundreds of monsters! Over a hundred different map types! Several different character types! Unique story events! Many different unique room types! Endless Mode! Gameplay Features (you’ll need a controller to play, but are optional!): Auto-targeting Escape Modifying the character’s appearance to match its equipment and stats Moving and attacking while riding enemies You can pause anytime in the game and resume at anytime later with or without saving your progress. You can choose the difficulty of the game on your first playthrough. Customize any character (thousands of options and stats to change!) Unlockable game modes, including Endless Mode. Fight against hundreds of unique monsters and bosses.


Features Key:

  • Retro classic technology: retro space shooter
    Cool, original soundtrack: the music inspires you!
  • Simple, addictive gameplay: you simply fly the spaceship. You can play for three players.
  • Thanks:

    Record: Record
    Design: UIQ

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